Monday, August 18, 2014

Dumb, Live at Left For Dead

As you may know by now Left For Dead is by far my favourite record shop, and so with a day off I decided that I would go check out Dumb play an acoustic set. One of the first 'B-Town' bands to catch my attention. Dumb formed early last year from, the ashes of math rockers the Carpels I've sung the praises of these guys for some time but this was my first time getting a chance to see them play.
The guys sat down and sun the songs in the centre of the store, while a small gathering of friends  and other band members, to play a short set of three songs off the new EP.  The mood  was slightly awkward due to the lack of space. But it was a good little set to come and watch. They also signed some vynil copies of it (Signed copies are still on sale at the store for a very reasonable £7.50).
what struck me about the songs is that stripped of their distortion they sound more brit-poppy than the grungey recordings they've put out. They all seem like friendly enough lads too.

 Here's a video.

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