Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yr Welcome Birmingham. Review

Little Death Machine
                 Hang around the house or go see a whole bunch of bands for £7.50? (£10 for both days!) The choice kind of made itself. by the time I got To the Wagon and Horses at was about half 6 and on the outdoor stage two men with beards were standing. one was holding a guitar, while the other was walking about. the guy on guitar was  making noises, like deep ohh ahh noises, which gave the set a bit of an odd ambience. Not much longer though had the two piece  hardcore act started screaming and shouting through their set. They were called FRAUDS and they were very loud. I definitely enjoyed them but I wouldn't buy an album of theirs. Little Death Machine  played the indoor stage. My god were they emo, much like another band on the bill Anima, I got the sense that for these guys, being a tortured goth kid is a full time job. They were also a bit screamy, but I felt that they more than made up for it by being inventive, they had a really cool light show, and a guy on laptop was substituting for a bassist. Subtly adding bits of electronica to the mix. Their singer used a telephone to warp his voice too.  I went down stairs and found yet another bunch of guys- Ratel, screaming. A lot of people seemed to be enjoying them, but I sat this one out.

So thank Fuck for Table Scraps then. By far one of the best Birmingham bands going. Sure there is screaming in this band, but the guy genuinely sounds angry, as if he wanted to sing, but it came out as a bunch of loud rants instead. Table Scraps are Rock n roll, there is a rebellious punk spirit to them, from the clothes to the music, to the stripped out approach to playing. I don't quite know why, but for two brummies, their desert rock sounds strangely authentic. They're both such cool people too, they took the piss out of each other in between songs. Yet its obvious that they love each other (in a Meg/Jack White sort of way). The little upstairs room was packed out for this show. A sign that they are starting to get some hype, now that their début single 'Bug'  has just been released. In fact many people at the front were moving their hands like sock puppets, in tribute to the video. The songs from the bands first Cassette such as 'In the ground' and What You don't allow' went down brilliantly too. I heckled for their cover of Blue Monday and got a 'maybe' response from Poppy. it didn't bother me that that song was unplayed, the show still made for a nice reminder of how awesome Table Scraps are.

Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes

Afterwards was another band I wasn't too fussed about, Ghosts of Dead Airplanes who were good, but also a tad screamy. This is by no means a full review of the Yr Welcome Birmingham gig. there is a whole bunch of new acts playing today. and a whole bunch I missed in the morning. here did seem to be  slight lack of variety which is my only real complaint. I would say the same for the food if the vegan menu hadn't been so delicious.  Also I  have decided that I will blog about God DAMN and SLAVES separately. So keep a look out for those.

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