Saturday, August 23, 2014

Platypus Baby

Usually I am quite professional with this blog, and will write up anything  that I have seen. there is one gig however which has eluded me. The night  I went to see Swerve at Talk nightclub. I've already done a write up on the first few bands, including The Scribers which you will find if you do a bit of scrolling. The problem is that I went on holiday before I got much chance to give this a proper write up. Sadly this means I cannot use my writing skills to transport you to that fateful gig.

So instead let me tell you about the first time I heard of Platypus Baby. It was another one of those Killr Punx gigs at Talk nightclub (I forget who was on) I'd just finished watching a band and came upstairs to find my friend talking to a lad my age. He had blonde hair and a very cool vintage denim jacket.  i think he might have been wearing plastic sunglasses too. We got talking about the scene and ended up discussing a band called Platypus Baby. I was convinced that he''d made it up as a joke, but as it turned out, he was genuinely in a band called Platypus Baby.

fast forward a few months and I was once again at talk, but the stupid fucker of a security guard didn't let me hang out with my friends, and I was alone. The band were reclining so much that they were almost literally horizontal, discussing the virtues of Kanye West's back catalogue, (I probably shouldn't have been eavesdropping but had nothing else better to do)

When they got up to the stage they were everything I'd hoped they'd be. Tight, Funky yet with a strange quirky vibe. dressed in strange vintage clothing. I was impressed and enjoyed the set. As it turns out the band have taken up a hiatus  since this. All demo's of theirs have promptly vanished from the internet.
All I can hope is that the band come back with awesome new songs and some cool new reinvention.
keep an eye out for their return.

Note: I have started reading Nick Kent's memoirs, Apathy for The Devil. I think it may have influenced this piece.

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