Monday, August 11, 2014

GOD DAMN Live At the Wagon And Horses.

That GOD DAMN gig I saw back in February was a show I'll never forget. The Wytches are awesome, but compared with the sheer raw power of GD they just weren't the best band there. Despite being head-liners The Wytches just weren't as good. My neck was sore for three weeks after that gig, and for some reason the pain would return whenever I listened to heavy music. I was chatting to a drunk Canadian woman before this gig and told her that it Table Scraps blew her mind then GD would destroy it.
Things are looking up for this band, the room - Which is even smaller than the Sunflower lounge- was packed out. As usual people went crazy for it. we got to hear some new songs tonight, which will hopefully hit the album at some point. Everything God Damn do is just bigger and heavier than anyone else, the riffs are louder, the Drummer lifts the sticks over his head to make each hit harder. While Most metal bands scream, Thom Edwards yells like deranged Dalek, he even talks like one while bantering between sets, about how its odd that there are so many rock n roll duos at the moment. He also made a good point that it was nice seeing that no one at the entire festival had a moustache, that he's all for individuality, but when "individuality becomes a uniform it's fucking disgusting isn't it"

Of course  no God Damn Gig is complete without Crowd surfing, and there was plenty of that. I got kicked in the face by someone getting lifted up. One kid was in a God Damn Shirt got lifted up and was just held there for a few minutes, while god damn bantered and threw a towel at him. This kid was later given a CD for some reason by one of the other guys there. This kid was clearly having the time of his life. the guy who gave the kid the CD told me that it was the 12th time he'd seen them. making me feel like a bit of a novice having only seeing them twice.
And once again Thom Edwards was lifted up and carried away by his fans. Just another days work for  God Damn.

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