Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Music and Video Exchange

A few of the records I bought here. 
The music and video exchange is one of my favorite places in Birmingham. It's part of a chain of trade in stores around the UK, so it probably doesn't count as an independent, but its packed full of bargains and surprisingly for a trade in store its all good records, though if you want to take a risk you can buy one of their assorted 10 CD's for a £1 bags wrapped up in bags and tape.
Okay now here's some tips that might come in useful, firstly don't expect brilliant customer service, you may get the occasional conversation about music but it'll be short. The guys who run it are quite shy and reserved so just let them be. Secondly the CD's at the front that are displayed just with covers are the ones that have guarantees so if they don't play you can take them back, all the others though don't really have that guarantee so check the disc's before buying, frankly though its all so cheap that it won't really matter. 

You'll find CD's of all genres and all times in this store, I've bought many recent releases, such as albums by Wretch 32, Miles Kane and Bombay Bicycle Club, as well as older records by Gang of Four, Bjork and Public Enemy. In between all these great records is what's pretty much a graveyard of old indie bands, you know the phrase 'Landfill indie'? well this store is the landfill, but that's not a bad thing because if you do feel like getting an old Futureheads album this is the place where you'll find it, in mint condition, not so mint condition and scratched up condition, for under £5. 
They have a few collectables there too locked in glass cases, I once saw a Joy Division video tape there, for £8 complete with Factory Catologue number and 'Made In Mancester' print, I'm still smacking myself now for not buying it. 
Its also a great place for trading in, if you do trade you will always be offered a better deal in store than cash,  they will give you a very reasonable offer if you bring enough good quality stuff and enough of it. 

They also have a load of DVD's, Comics, Vinyls, CD Singles and old magazines too. I've spent many happy hours in this store and bought many great records. I hope you get to do the same.

*geek fact, you can see Swim Deep flicking through the store in their video for 'King City'

Address  8 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham B5 4EN


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