Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Band of the day - JAWS


Hello there!

So the other day  I saw Swim Deep at their very first headline show at the (formerly known as HMV Institute) Birmingham Institute, more on them later.

Anyway their support was the young home grown rising stars that are JAWS.
JAWS clearly have quite a fan base round Birmingham and as they played you could see them jumping, moshing and generally loving every note. the gig was a little low on showman ship- they mainly stood there in grungey vintage clothes- but they played the songs brilliantly, and the crowd loved it.

JAWS' sound is pretty much the definition of what I'd call the 'B-town' sound, its a sunny, psychedelic Shoegazey sound that  you can hear in most of the Birmingham bands in some form or another. while Peace play a funk/glam/etc variation of the sound and Troumaca play a minimalist dub version, JAWS take on the sound is pure psycadelic pop music.

Its probably better that you hear them yourself  to gain an idea of what they sound like. 'Surround You' is probably their best song.
so there you have it a band that lives up to the hype and are young enough to make us all feel like underachievers. 


Image from  http://www.the-fly.co.uk/news/article/1014691/single-premiere-jaws-toucan-surf/

UPDATE 24/4/2013. On martcxh 27th i wrote another blog on this band, read it here. A full EP review is on its way http://burminum.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/jaws-breeze-track-review.html

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