Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello there!

This is the very first post of the B-Town Blog.

Hopefully I won't get into any trouble for calling it that, there seems to be a few B-Town blogs about already. I've called it the B-town blog because that's the name of the scene that you'll have read about in the NME or The Fly. I am a kid from Solihull who has always loved Birmingham city and now that  a new wave of Birmingham bands is getting nationally noticed i want to tell my stories. in this blog I will tell you all about the gigs I've been to, the underrated acts I want to promote, the stories i have to tell  and the things to look forward  too.

I will also write about Birmingham's fashion scene, comedy circuit,  post my photos (I have an A-Level in photography) and whatever else is relevant.

I will also write about myself as  I am an up and coming comedian

oh and if you read this please spread it around.


James xoxo

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