Sunday, February 24, 2013

Greg Bird & Flamingo Flame.

This is the event that first gave me the idea to create this blog, an example of the great random events that you can find your self a part of if you hang around Birmingham. It started on a normal day, when I'd finished selling watches for the day and before getting the bus back home I thought I'd mooch about Urban Outfitters for a bit, as usual the place was blasting out trendy, electro indie music, except it wasn't, when I went upstairs I found a three piece band playing, on keyboards was a slightly geeky looking man banging out synths and bouncing beats, on guitar was another guy playing clear, simple melodies that echoed, making a perfect companion to the electronic sounds. Their music has a 'New Order-ish', slightly Gothic vibe to it

Greg Bird was the singer and he performed with the confidence of a man who's been performing for a while. he was wearing a white t shirt and a sort of small ladies masquerade mask put on his head with black tape, which was pretty funny when he had to take it off.

I got a chance to talk to him afterwards and he's a nice down-to-earth guy. He explained to me that I'd seen his first gig with the new keyboardist, which was impressive seeing how tight a unit the band sounded. he described his music as taking on a more 90's vibe than the 80's music of old.

Please give this guy your support, Greg Bird & flamingo Flame are one of the best bands in Birmingham at the moment yet seem to be a bit overlooked by the press.

I haven't got any photos of the gig but here's a Gif of it-

The Black Tableaux and Shruburbia Ep's are on Itunes and Amazon 

Here's some links to free older material of his.

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