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NME gigs are great for free posters. 
Okay its time to stop obsessing over Swim Deep for a bit and focus on Peace because I FUCKING LOVE this band. I first read about them in NME in a little column, it was part of their 100 bands for 2012 issue and it mainly said that they were from Birmingham, that they had had their gear stolen from the back of a van and that they play house parties,  it then dubbed them 'The New Maccabees'.

Not long after that I was in town with my friend shopping through Topshop and these DJ's their playing their sets (It might have been jackin' house music, which is big in Birmingham), they had 100's of little flyers to give out, on one side was some DJ and on the other was Peace.
Then along came this.. and then came adverts for the Delicious EP everywhere you looked, posted on walls all over the place. These were all signs that something big was coming, eventually after being a bit unsure about the band I gave in and bought the EP and bloody hell, I loved it, its so good that immediately after I played my dad 1998 he wanted to see them live.

So we did at the NME awards tour last week, Peace were the opening band and I was impressed, I got there a minute or two after they started playing, but I still got to hear most of their new song 'Higher than the sun' which has no relation to the Primal scream song yet already sounds like a classic from the era, its a big anthemic rock song, that sounds straight from the 90's. 'Wraith' also sounded great, showing off Peace's funkyness, which was then followed by a rousing 'Bloodshake' which woke up the crowd starting off a night of jumping around, singing along and crowd-surfing.
They looked cool too, they pull off the vintage look with more style and grace than any other band today, their bassist even resembles a 90's Alex James. the best song of the night for me was 'Follow Baby' this is an again anthemic yet melodic song, filled with hooks and riffs, its probably the best Debut single any band could wish for. 'Californa Daze' also was a hit, It was the song that the crowd could sing along to, showing a real change in styles and abilities that this band can pull off.

I was happy that I had seen Peace, only problem is it wasn't really mind-blowing, I feel that Peace are  maybe more suited to headline gigs, rather than half an hour slots, their wasn't a huge amount of banter, and what banter there was was mainly echoed mumbling, don't get me wrong though, it was a great gig, but given more time to play '1998' it could have been amazing. That night the best was still yet to come...

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