Thursday, February 21, 2013

Swim Deep Part 2

It was like this for the first 2 hours.

Okay so I've told you all about what happened when I saw Swim Deep, but that was only the first half of my night. After I'd held everyone back while buying myself a Swim Deep t shirt, my newly made friends had convinced me to go with them to Snobs. Once we got  into the place I wasn't too impressed by it, in fact I thought it was a proper shit-hole. The entrance wasn't really inviting, and when I got into the place it was pretty much empty. I was impressed when I heard the DJ playing 'Thou should always kill' by Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac' (If you've never heard it then Google it, that song is bloody amazing) but then he started playing Die Antwoord (who are a bit shit).

The glasses were all plastic and I heard them playing Alt-J, who I love but never really expected to hear in a club. Things started to liven up though once more people arrived, one of them was dressed as Spongebob Squarepants. I also met a girl who started to talking me as she'd recognised me from a haircut she'd given me last year, she sold me a shot in a test tube and then said she'd find me later.

It was only when swim deep were confirmed to be coming to snobs that things really got exciting, my friend Jason knows their singer and I was excited to actually meet them. When Swim deep arrived they were treated like rock-stars,  I don't mean this in an 'OMG SIGN MT TITS' way, more that they had a certain exclusivity. a corner of the cub had become their corner where they talked to their friends and girlfriends and were given their space, while occasionally interrupted by fans. It was at this point that It occurred to me that the guy I walked past with his girlfriend (I assume) eating in the Handmade Burger Co was as I thought a member of Swim Deep, so there you have it, an exclusive insight into what bands do before they go on-stage. I just want to point out that I wasn't stalking him, I just happened to walk by.

By this point Snobs had come alive, full of indie kids, dancing to new and old tunes, including Mumford and Sons who are another band that I like but never expected to hear in a club, and classic songs from the golden era of Indie (2001-8), it was the sort of place NME always go on about but you never thought still existed.
...And then it happened, the DJ put on Swim Deep's 'King City' and all the fans just ran into the exclusive corner, everyone got on each others backs and piggyback rode each other,  I got on my mates back and the singer saw me wearing his bands t shirt, he put out his hand and I high fived him. you know the awkward moment from the last swim deep post? well this was the exact opposite of that awkward feeling.

Afterwards I got an exclusive interview with Austin from Swim Deep, I can't say exactly how it went as I was very drunk at the time but it went something like...

Me: hey man! that was  a great gig earlier
Austin: Thanks
Me: When is the album out?
Austin: (I can't remember if he said April or May). Thanks for buying the T-Shirt man
Me: Thanks! (I think shook my hand too)

and then Austin went to the loo.

Not long after I realised the girl probably just talked to me to sell the drink, I'd said hi to her earlier and I think I scared her off. Just as I was leaving she came back, but by this point though I was too drunk, tired, and sore throated to stay so I said goodbye and left.

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