Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Wytches, Live Review (Sunflower Lounge 27/2/14 Part 3)

By this point i was to tired out to join in, so I watched this final part of the night up on the stairs. The Wytches have been hotly tipped lately and known for being a great live band, but they had their work cut out for them tonight.  The Wytches (or 'Ja Wytches' according to the drumkit) play Psychedelia the same way Gang of Four played Funk : IE not very well, without any finesse. This is not an insult, it marks them out as part of, but unique in the current wave of psych' bands. Much in the same way that Gang of Fours scrappy approach worked for them, this approach works for The Wytches too. Unlike God Damn there is some actual melodies in the playing and a ghoulish surf rock sound coming from the guitar.
Because i was sitting still I could really enjoy the music and in places i loved what i was hearing. it took a little longer for the moshing to start for the Wytches than God Damn, but the lounge had more fans squashed into it for this set. The show ended with a full blown stage invasion, with the band surrounded by fans. A chaotic ending for a brilliantly shambolic gig.

I should love The Wytches, but I don't. I like them. yet a band raw as Drenge, with a psych'/surf element in the mix, should be something I adore. Frustratingly there's something missing, and i'm not quite sure what it is. However The Wytches are still definitely ones to watch and one of the most promising young bands in the current wave of loud gnarly, independent, rock n rollers.

The gig ended in chaos and The Wytches put on a good headline set. but who was best? well afterwards i was looking at the merch tables, and The Wytches merch guy urged me to buy a God Damn T- shirt. That kind of says it all.*

 *Though i did buy God Damn's shirt, i also got a wytches poster, and free cassette.

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