Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mourning Suns
Sometimes even I don't know that I'm about to go see a band. I walked round the custard factory, went to flip around left for dead and found that a live session was happening in two hours time. while trying to waste time before the show i bought a disposable camera for the shots* and £60 on a picture + frame (more on that in another post). but it was worth hanging around. saturday the 1st march was a really lovely day, and unlike the horrid weather Deaf Inspector endured, the sun bought out a small crowd for The Mourning Suns.

They are a 4 piece folk outfit, who look like the sort of people that spend saturdays vintage shopping, and sundays hiking. Melancholy is the word that springs to mind when i hear their music. featuring Bass,Violin, and Acoustic Guitar. The Mourning Suns make really lovely yet sad folk music, which lyrically speaks of lifes ups and downs. Their style  feels like a more authentic and  laid back alternative to the anthemic mainstream folk style in fashion at the moment.
They've got an album coming out soon, and i picked up a copy of their 'Heavy Handed' Ep, which made for a good listen.
Folk can feel a little cheesy, and contrived at times but the Mourning Suns were very enjoyable and suited to sunny spring days like the one I saw them on.

*came out unusable

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