Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Coal Porters

what better way to spend a St patricks day (after a long day at work) than sitting down by the pool and watching a folk bands play a short free set?The Coal Porters describe themselves as being 'The worlds first Alt-Bluesgrass act' 

This was one of the gigs put on in the centre of the Custard Factory by the record shop Left For Dead, (which is now stocking the bands back catalogue) it was only about 20 minutes long and saw the band playing to a handful of people while standing by the pool, behind a banner reading 'The City is a Work of Art'.The Coal Porters are loads of fun, they've been playing for years and don't take themselves too seriously, They laughed and joked at the people in the office blocks above trying to ignore them and the fact that the few who'd come to see them were spread apart so far. They play authentic bluegrass on violin, guitar, double bass and mandolin. This little gig Included a great little cover of teenage kicks. Musically they're all great players, and even if they aren't irish, they sound irish. Its nice seeing a folk band thats funny, talented and authentic


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