Monday, March 24, 2014

Metronomy, Live at the Institute. 21/3/14

Backed by a big pink and blue psychedelic backdrop that tied in with the cover for 'Love Letters' and playing on light up white keyboards, that replaced the glowing bulb things. Metronomy were one of the most dapper bands i've ever seen on stage. Especially Anna Prior who was wearing a black dress with lipstick. She's easily the most elegantly dressed drummer i've ever seen on stage.
The gig began pretty low key with Joe Mount on keyboards  playing 'The Upsetter'.  And then The funky title track from 'Love Letters' really livened people up. Yet it was the double whammy of 'She Want's and 'The Look' that really got people going. It was strange seeing such an enthusiastic response to such laid back songs, and realising suddenly that i knew every word to both of them.  
'Boy Racers' gave Gbenga a change to show off his bass playing skills. While 'I'm Aquarius' , Call me, and Month of Sundays proved to be other highlights from the new record. 
The only real  disappointments were hearing a lack of the older stuff. I was hoping to hear both 'You could Easily Have Me' and 'Thing for Me'- that and none of them coming out afterwards. 
Metronomy finished with 'The Bay' which was so good that  the crowd were cheering, clapping and stamping their feet to get the band back on. It was one of the most enthusiastic encore demands i've ever seen and Metronomy were back on in minutes. Metronomy are not the most obvious of bands you'd expect to put on an amazing live show.  Yet they've got so many brilliant songs and all they had to do to entertain the friday night crowd was play them.
Joseph mount has proven himself to be a good frontman, swapping between bongos, keyboards and guitar. after a bit of banter about the weekend and how lovely the venue looks he asked the crowd if anyone had an immaculate haircut. I looked at me and my friends and instantly thought no. 'The Most Immaculate Haircut was a bit of an odd choice for a closing song, but it's such a beautiful melodic piece that it was easy to lose yourself in the music and forget that they'd not yet played 'thing for me'. After that Metronomy were gone.  and I can't have been the only one hoping for a second encore. Or the only one singing the songs for the whole of the next day.

Support came from a band called 'Virginia Wing' who I did not like at all. It's not often i'll say that about any music, but i did not get the strange experimental music these guys make at all. I hate to slander but it was too weird it was like 5 minutes before someone sang and even then it was just vowels. 

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