Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Twang- NeonTwang review

I've never really liked the Twang. They came out at about the same time I was listening to Fringey-screamy bands and the working class charm didn't really endear me. I just felt they were a bad U2 rip off.
Times change though and i should probably give them some slack, despite Birmingham now producing bands of such caliber of Peace, The Twang still seem to have a loyal following. like their contemporaries - Reverend and the Makers-  The Twang still knock the records out.
From the start it's obvious that the Twang want to move away from the whimsical balladry of earlier releases, the Brummie accents are toned down and a more electronic influence is present. Although this wears off after about three tracks.  The album is mostly made up of enjoyable but pretty straightforward rockers.  However 'The wobble' is a very laid back but actually quite interesting take on dub. While 'Sucker for the Sun' has a bit of a ska vibe to it. In some places the record feels quite eclectic, in others a little bit 'Meh'. Overall 'NeonTwang' is a decent bit of Indie-rock, perfect for a few days in the summer but not bound to change your life.  I'm sure It'll keep the fanbase happy for a year or two.


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