Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VICTOR - Green Ribbon

I've written about Victor before. They were one of the brilliant acts that played the rise of birmingham show at the Birmingham Library last year. it was a show that started out as lacklustre shoegaze that quickly evolved into an incredibly intense live spectacle, featuring their singer dancing howling and generally acting like a woman possessed. if you get the chance you should definitely see them.

what you can do now though that you couldn't when i saw them was listen to them online. the band's soundcloud includes two new tracks (both uploaded 4 months ago -should probably have blogged about this sooner).
Both tracks 'Peace and quiet' and 'Green ribbon' carry the same unsettling atmosphere of that gig and are reminiscent of early-ish  PJ harvey but also the loose, vivid musical landscapes of 'The Horrors'. Alongside the wall of noise and shrieking howls lies a sense of jazzy experimentalism. its rather amazing how well they've captured the live intensity on record but seriously, see them live.

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