Saturday, February 8, 2014

Deaf Inspector (Live at Left For Dead)

Fucking hell, It's Fucking Windy today, Fucking wet, Fucking Cold and  Fucking miserable. So why did I leave my cosy little house with a tv box full of old Doctor Who episodes? well i had a day off work and i needed to get out, there was a free little show at my favourite record shop and i felt it was worth a trip. 
By the time i Got to the custard factory a vintage/antiques fair was just closing, yet there are so many shops and people that the place must have been full of activity earlier on. 
Deaf Inspector are a Brummie three piece, comprised of a drummer, singer/guitarist, and a guy with some impressive looking keyboards.  And i stood there by the window, being one of only a handful of people who showed up. Deaf inspectors music is very laid back, almost jazzy. Their singer sings in a very low key, half singing half talking sort of way* while mixing grunge guitar sounds with more experimental keyboard playing. There is loads of melody in the bands sound and i felt that the longer instrumental parts of songs such as such as 'Sketches' worked well for them as it gave them a chance to show off their playing.  
They've got a very accomplished sound for such a new band, it kind of shows that they're all experienced players from other bands,  and i love the sweet melodies in each of the songs.  I got a free CD from them had a quick chat and i feel that this was just about worth braving the elements for. 

Check out their track 'Bicycle' here

And 'Sketches' here

*My dad reckons they sing and sound like Kevin Ayers and after a youtube play i've got to agree. 

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