Sunday, February 16, 2014

Temples -Sun Structures review

I was feeling a little lonely this Valentine's Day (Call me ladies!) and decided to cheer myself up with a few CD's from Left For Dead. I bought The Velvet Underground's seminal second record 'White Light/White heat (too extreme even for my ears) an early Animal Collective EP featuring the Cult Folk singer Vashti Bunyan, (which i bought out of sheer WTF ness) and he even threw in a free copy of 'Cymbal's New album 'The Age of Fracture'.
However it was Sun Structures by Kettering's  Temple's which i came for. Happily it was worth the wait. An argument could be made  that no truly game changing psychedelic records  have been made since the aforementioned Animal Collective's 2009 epic 'Merriweather Post Pavillion'. Temples are not making anything strictly new but you'd have to be a true psych' nerd to say what bands they draw from, besides their sound owes as much to 70's glam such as 'T Rex' as much as the Velvet Underground. What makes Temples worth hearing is that they're songwriters first, mind bending sound makers second. Tame Impala took years to write songs this good. Every song here is well written, catchy  and focussed (The longest track only clocks in at 6:31). Theres loads of hooks, melodies and songs such as 'Fragments light' show they sound as good unplugged as otherwise. 
The production is lush and modern yet not overdone and old school proggy keyboard sounds back most of the songs. This isn't hardore psycadelia, yet that fact works entirely in the albums favour. I really can see (and Hope) that this is the record that drags Psychedelia back into the mainstream. Aside from the songs Temples have the look, the image, and sound that could make them a big deal 


Best track -Colours to life

UPDATE: this record has charted at number 7, so i think i've been right in what i've said here

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