Friday, February 28, 2014

Adore, Live Review (Sunflower Lounge 27/2/14 Part 1)

My neck hurts. so does my back, my ears feel weird, my eyes are bloodshot and i have no energy left at all. There are also some very bad photographs of me in the internet. So where was I last night? well while older and less cool people were seeing Reverend and The Makers. Me and about 100 others were in the tiny tiny Sunflower Lounge for a triple bill of carnage inducing rock n roll.
Adore started off the event, a band formed in birmingham in 2011, who sound a LOT like Nirvana. It's not like they're' pretending that grunge isn't the main influence, from the name (A Smashing Pumpkins album) the 'Never Apologise, Never Explain' t shirt worn by the guitarist (a Therapy? album) it's obvious what has inspired Adore's sound.  They deserve credit though, on any other night they'd have been one of the best bands on the bill. They played like a headliner, playing loud (REALLY LOUD) fast and with loads of energy. They got the night off to a suitably chaotic start.

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