Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I've been working a lot lately  and i've clearly missed out on B-Towns 20th wave (or whatever) of new bands. i might have been on the loo at the time or something. anyway Killr Punx have been doing a brilliant job of hunting out new acts for gigs and other events, and the new recommendation is a cracker. everything i've heard has impressed me in some way since i started this blog  a year(!) ago yet CURB are genuinely one of the most thrilling acts i've heard since Laced, maybe even Peace. Only two songs exist but theyre both great, grungey-shoegazey druggy anthems. obviously theres a strong 90's influence yet i think this goes beyond old 90's pastiche. They're both brilliant songs, exciting and probably chemically enhanced. 'So High' in particular starts with  a real brooding atmosphere, bout also a loud chorus and pretty funky mid sedction, it's the sound of a band i'm hoping will get bigger and bigger.


On another note this blog marks exactly one year since I first picked up the keyboard and excitedly started writing about the amazing weekend i'd just had. Its rather scary to think that was one year ago and i'm really proud of what I've achieved 10,434 views later. it's made me friends, got me out the house on otherwise boring days, and helped me in my own little way become a part of a scene that goes deeper than i'd ever expected. and on that note i'm having a guitar lesson later today, after nearly 8 (FUCK!) years since i last had a lesson i'm picking up the guitar once again. I hope i've inspired my readers the same way my discoveries have inspired me. Remember this is our generation, theres not going to be a next Oasis or next Smiths if we just sit around moaning, there is amazing music out there and we must treasure every note.

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