Thursday, October 22, 2015

OXJAM Brum Feat: Crime and Punishment 2011, SLTP, Neumonics. 17/10. Review.

If you have read the Crime and Punishment 2011 interview (scroll down if you've not read it) then like me you'd be curious to see what they're really like on a stage. I did their first ever photo-shoot,. which involved stripping outside a strip club and a plastic chainsaw.  This years OXJAM  gave a ridiculous amount of value for money. With performers playing at 7 venues across Birmingham from midday to 1am. All for just £10 on the door of any of the venues. I saw that the Sunflower Lounge. After the madness of the photo-shoot the first band I saw was Neumonics (7.2/10). Neumonics are a Northampton based rock trio. They dress in all black and play really well together. Their singer uses pedals to loop his guitar playing for extra heaviness and goes wild on his guitar head-banging and shredding away. The pedals also added a touch of electonica to the bands sound. They claim to be influenced by 90's shoegaze, but I think the singer had a touch of glam about him. Neumonics are a loud rock n roll band and I think they're pretty great.
D.AN Carter
SLTP's name is a acronym for Summer Loving Torture Party (6/10) were up next. They're a newly formed Birmingham based act. Their sound is pretty conventional indie. Not really far off from The Maccabees or Bombay Bicycle Club. But they play really well together as a band. They've got decent songs and they play them with plenty of spirit.
Joey Sniper
I was really excited to see Crime and Punishment 2011 (7.2/10) as they said their set would blow my dick off. I also wanted to see if they were a genuine band or just a piss take. The truth is that they're a bit of both. Look at any great hip hop group and you'll see a mix of personalities and individuals. Crime and Punishment share this trait. They have the bearded screaming metal dude called Joey Sniper (who I suggested should call himself Kenilworth Lamar). The quiet yet only actual serious MC in the group, Glitch, and the nutter that is D.A.N Carter. On beats is Jason, who basically provides the same ethereal witch-house hip hop that he does as Pink Violence. But he also threw in some heavier guitar tracks. They did a cover of Linkin Park's 'Nobody's listening' with all the angst of the original.  They also brought the heaviness with their own song 'Hellbound'. Put all this together and you've got an incredibly loud, high energy show. Dan and Joey Sniper got right into peoples faces and ran about the place screaming and jumping about like Nu metal never died. The show was loads of fun and great to watch and be a part of. Only a few people were there and those who were were either loving it or a bit confused. Crime and Punishment 2011 are not really a grime act like I was led to believe. They mix a lot of styles. It's hard to tell whether any of them are being serious at any time. The banter never stops with this lot and they all share in jokes like a real clique. Afterwards I said to them that it ' actually wasn't shit'. Which they seemed happy with. I really want to join them as it just looks like so much fun. If they want a guitarist they know where to find me.

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