Friday, October 16, 2015

Adam Ficek, JJ Pluto, Mike Moloney, Lauren Pryke. Live at the Sunflower lounge review

I went out on the 3rd of October with a few mates. We went to Uprawr but soon got bored so we went back to one of  our houses for a group pizza, chill and Netflix session. Have you ever seen R.I.P.D? Don't. It's awful. Anyway after stumbling around town in a hungover daze, the idea of  seeing some acoustic acts on the night seemed like a very nice idea.
Fast forward a few hours and Lauren Pryke has the unenviable task of opening tonight's gig. Lauren plays with an acoustic guitar and her sets are usually a mix of covers and her own original songs. Her stage manner suggested someone who was a bit shy. Which is understand able as she was performing to only handful of people and it was all a bit awkward. She's got a great voice and is good at giving old songs such as 'Mr Brightside' or old Blink 182 songs a new lease of life. Turning them in to delicate acoustic songs, and giving them a sparse beauty that the studio versions don't have. Her own songs also a show a lot of promise.
I missed a lot of Mike Moloney's set because I was in The Sunflower Lounge back room doing the hilarious Crime and Punishment 2011 interview. If you've not read it then scroll down and gizza click. We talked about everything from Cocaine to Mint Ice cream. Mike's music is similarly laid back and acoustic based. He's actually a really cool guy. Great fashion sense. I enjoyed his music but as I missed most of it can't think of much to say. I'm sorry Mike. I'm sure I'll see you play another time.
Following this was one of Alex Moir's first ever gigs as JJ Pluto. The JJ stands for 'Jay Jay', and the set was made up of all the songs he's wrote under his own name. While he was great with a backing band, he can still pull off a great set by himself. JJ has so many great songs. The world needs to hear them.
In case you didn't already know Adam Ficek once played drums for the Babyshambles. Until on day he didn't. You might also be aware of his Roses Kings Castles project. Adam seemed a bit unrehearsed.  I think he played a few newbies, but It was the tracks from 'The Blinding' EP that really stood out. A sort of stopgap EP that the Babyshambles released in 2006. The Blinding contains some of their best ever songs. So I loved being able to hear them played live. Adam forgot how to play bits of some of the old songs. Some solo's were fluffed and some songs started but weren't finished. most performers would be quietly pushed off stage but Adam just had to smile and he was forgiven. He exudes a carefree positive charisma. He had no problem interrupting his set to banter with audience members (there wasn't many of us there) or chatting with us all later on. There was a lot of talent playing this night, but the lack of people showing up to these things worries me. 


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