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Exclusive First Ever Interview! Crime and Punishment 2011

Here is an exclusive interview with Crime and Punishment 2011. They’re a new act from Birmingham and this is the exclusive first ever interview with them. We were a bit drunk while recording this, but it was hilarious. I would like to apologise to Sleaford Mods, Peace, Enter Shikari, and Morrissey. On behalf of me, Jason and Dan.
All right, B-Town Blog coming atcha! With Crime and (Laughs), Grime and fashion! Punishment 2011.  I’m with Jason Pink Violence Cassius Neon Tyler, and errr, Dan Carter. D.A.N Carter?  Were you the Bantorious D.A.N guy?
Dan: I don’t know who that is! I don’t know who that is!
I saw a face that looks a bit like yours on a gig poster.
Dan:  I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about.
Jason: Have you got a tattoo of shit on your arm?
Dan: Yeah, you should remember you did it.
You do tattoos now Jason?
Jason: Apparently so!
How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?
Dan: This isn't three words, but have you ever seen the movie John Wick? That film made me so angry it made me want to start writing music. I think the best way to describe Crime and Punishment's music is. In the name. How did our vocalist, Glitch describe it?
Your vocalist is called Glitch?
Dan: We have three vocalists. Myself, there’s glitch, and there’s Joe Jones/Joey Sniper.
Joey Sniper? Have you checked Enter Shikari are ok with that?
Dan: Yeah, I think Enter Shikari are in the most overrated band on the planet
Jason: I quite like Enter Shikari!
Dan: Yeah that’s what everyone thinks. I don’t have anything against them. Rou! I’m sorry you’re a nice guy! Crime and punishment’s music is... Imagine if Limp Bizkit came from Birmingham and got dumped even more times. Grime and punishment is my brain child.
Where does the 2011 bit come from?
Dan: That is the year that I was born.
So was that like a great year for music?
Dan: It was the year that we, the original members, 6 of them are now gone sadly, decided to make this a reality and that’s just where it came from. Studio recording with Hellbound. I was just doing some vocals on a track and just ended up saying the year and it all just went from there.
So are you like Sleaford Mods? One of those happy accidents?
Dan: Oh no, nothing about this is an accident. Sleaford Mods are cool man. They’ve got a song on the Prodigy’s new album and its fucking sick (Jason Cringes). They’re like the musical equivalent of special brew.
Jason: I’ve got no time for Sleaford Mods.
Sleaford Mods have got beef with Slaves, does that annoy you?
Dan: Slaves are one of the greatest bands of our generation.
I saw them in a pub garden last year and they were just fucking amazing. I really envy their singer/drummer cos he’s the most amazing abs. Every time I look at him I’m just like DAMN that guys in shape! Even though I’m taller.
Dan: I think people should judge people by their minds rather than their bodies.
So you’re inspired by grime, who are your favourite grime stars? Who are your favourite rappers? Who are your favourite Grime stars?
Dan: First grime album I ever listened to was money over everyone by P Money. I was 17 I'd made the weird transition from bands like Carcass, to NAS, via that song Eminem did with Aerosmith. 3 things I wanna say on record, I'm not a goat. Blacklisted by Skepta is one of the greatest bodies of music of all time and Morrissey is a dick. He's not even Vegan!
Have you read his new book?
Dan: I have, I read an extract and it made me want to eat my own poo. It's a biopic about sex.
Jason (Shocked): Morrissey has wrote a biopic about sex!
It’s about a group of runners that get kidnapped by Satan. I don’t know where the sex comes into it but that’s kind of what it’s about.  They’re a group of long distance, well short distance runners, that make a deal with the devil or something
Dan: I really don’t care about anything Morrissey does, I think my dad said it the best when he said if there’s anyone he could wish cancer on its Morrissey. That’s my dad’s words not mine for the record
There’s a lot of talk at the moment of a grime revival you got people like Bugzy Malone, you got people like Stormzy and other people like that. Do you think there’s a big grime revival to be a part of or is it just the media stirring shit up?
Dan: This is one thing that really bugs me, The US is getting all hyped up on Skepta. 4 years ago he did a song with Diddy it was the very first Grime/ US rap collaboration. He released a video for his song 'all over the house' which was basically just a soft-core porn video.
It was hardcore.
Dan: It was very hardcore. Then again we do watch some fucked up porn before band practice. Grime never went away. Yet this is definitely the most vibrant it’s ever been.
So just to reiterate, there used to be 8 of your guys and now there’s like 4?
Dan: Yeah  we’ve been going for 4 years started with just two, at one point there were 12 then it went down to three, and now there’s 4.
 Lucky number 4?
(A shouting match ensues between Jason and Dan)
Jason: See what I have to put up with?  You’re worse than asparagus you are!
Dan: We got an EP dropping called Extra Hour, at the end of the month.  It’s got 4 songs on it. All original.
Are you putting out on vinyl?
Dan: I don’t know what that that is. 
Jason: We are actually releasing it on cassette tape.
Dan: We will release it on blank CD’s and I’m going to go round the neighbourhood shoving in people’s faces.
Does that mean they’ll be no music on it?
Dan: No there will be music on it but it won’t be ours. I’m gonna put my freaky love mix on it.
You’re probably going to get signed because of that. 
Dan: We just wanna play bare shows.
You’re playing naked?
Dan: No were playing with actual bears. I play with a gun in my boxers, Jason plays with a boxer in his guns.
Is that a gun in your boxers or are you just excited to see me?
Dan:  No it’s a gun in my boxers.
Me: So you’re not excited to see me?
Dan: I’m just here to answer questions.  
What did the D.A.N stand for?
Dan: My names Dan. It actually stands for dirty and needy, which are 3 words I’d use to describe myself. I feel that life is an adventure, and I’ve taken far too much cocaine.
There’s probably some behind the sofa, left over from when peace played here 5 years ago.  I can play guitar, can I join?
Dan:  There is a heavy waiting list. We’re hoping to get a tour next year, were going to just plug ourselves in to PA’s and ram it down people’s throats.  Yeah but on a serious note, next year were taking over. And if we could support 3 bands it would be Blue, Tyler the Creator, Breaking Benjamin, and that band you showed me the other day. What are they called? Daft Punk! Their sick!
Jason: No fuck that I’ve never heard of them, Who the fuck are daft punk?
Some French geezers?
Enter JJ PLUTO (Alex Moir), and Dan Screams at him about how much he loved his second album, (he’s not made one yet). What you have read is the mere highlights of a half hour conversation. 

Check their music here

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