Friday, March 27, 2015

Romans + Press To Meco, Live at the Flapper (21/3/15)


While The Kaleidoscopes were hazy and noisy, and Mutt were quirky and punky. Romans came across as much more of a straight forward rock band, 5 blokes who claim to be from Birmingham, but admitted that they say that because it's cooler than where they're really from.  Romans had more of a Kerrang! vibe than the NME feel of the last two bands. Much cleaner in tone but still with massive riffs, I can imagine hearing Romans on the radio, (Kerrang! radio in particular). They sound a tad like Don Broco or Mallory Knox, but err, a bit better. From a photography point of view, the band's Bassist was the main attraction, dressed all in white in contrast to the rest of the bands all in in black, with long hair and an NWA sleeveless top, he looked very much the rock star. Throughout the show he was at the front of the stage (and at one point right in the audience), head-banging and constantly leaning on the edge of the stage. Him and the bands much more no-nonsense singer make a perfect contradiction. They are not without a sense of humour either, as their singer warned us to not make eye contact with the merch guy.  The man with the tattoos and beard who would make us by a t-shirt if we made eye contact with him. Though those were cool T-shirts for a £5   (I'm glad I didn't get one,  I needed that £5 to get in to Uprawr later that night). Anyway if you search Romans and Mary on Youtube and click on the first link  you will find a video of a woman called Mary talking about Roman history. The one you want is a few vids down. Jokes aside, It wouldn't surprise me at all if I see Romans go onto more success from this point on.

B-Town Rating 6.8/10

Press to Meco

The only band on the bill who were not from the Midlands (other than head-liners ALLUSONDRUGS) were penultimate band Press to Meco. Who had travelled all the way from Cryodon with ALLUSONDRUGS and on this night were playing their last date of the tour with them. The two bands have formed a friendship (ALLUSONDRUGS bassist wore their shirt on stage and Press To Meco thanked them for being such a great tour-mates). Press to Meco are a unique band in the sense that they have no clear singer or front man. There are only three members, on bass, guitar and drums, yet each of them share vocal duties. They are all great singers. Yet all have voices that stand apart from each other, even the drummer sounds  great as a singer. In fact it was their drummer who did the majority of the singing, yet the vocal harmonies between the three of them were stunning. Press to Meco are also great musicians, their music is very melodic yet very technical, like a less angry At the drive in. Between them they can make quite a noise despite being a trio. The three of them put loads of energy into their set, and made sure there was a cool upbeat vibe. It was refreshing seeing a band so free of ego.

B-Town Rating 7.2/10

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