Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ALLUSONDRUGS, Live at The Flapper (21/3/15)

ALLUSONDRUGS take to the stage with little fuss. No big intro, they just plough straight into the first song. The first note has only just been played and already two of the band members have fallen over. It is amazing how this band are able to play coherently while almost constantly losing balance. The amount of energy the band put in is incredible and after seeing them play to only a handful of punters last year, I was really happy to see them play to a packed out flapper. The rise in popularity is partly down to the release of their self titled Ep, and singles such as 'Am I Weird?' which ensured that the crowd could sing along to amazing songs, like Nervous, and Cherry Pie (not a cover version), with the bands singer, Jason.
Jason is a great front-man, friendly, cheeky and a great guy. He is the only band member whose face can be seen under his hair, and his personality made him the star presence of the show. Whether that be sticking his hands down his pants, mock blowing the bands guitarist, screaming like a mad man, or lifting his shirt above his head like he'd just scored a goal. He's never less than entertaining. He even saw me and my T-shirt, and pointed out that, they have a tee total bass player, yet they still put his face on a T-shirt with a joint in his mouth.
Happily all this tomfoolery is backed up by great songs, they're only at the EP stage, yet 'Nervous' deserves to be a hit. By the end of the show, my mate Jason 'Pink Violence' came on stage roared some death metal growls, then jumped off stage. leaving the band to desecrate their drum kit, fall over each other and leave guitars on their amps.Which is probably why Jason's back was bleeding afterwards...

B-Town rating, 8.4/10

FootNote: I spoke to the bassist afterwards and asked him if he really is teetotal, yeah he said, apart from the booze. I then said it was amazing how the band are able to play while constantly losing balance, he laughed.

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