Thursday, March 19, 2015

I have a new blog!

Hi guys! So as the title has told you, I now have a new blog, it's actually been out there for a week or two, but it think it is now ready to tell you about.

Check it out:

Instead of selfies and pictures of what I am eating. It is a celebration of Birmingham's diverse street art scene. A scene with has attracted people from all over the world to take part, such as Setdebellza,  from Spain for example. So far there are loads more pictures I want to take than those that are on there, it all depends on how much spare time I have and where I am when I have that spare time.  Yet I hope that this can become a definitive source of pictures of the amazing artworks to be found in Birmingham, and a way of preserving them before they are inevitably painted over. I also don't just want to show the murals, but also the paste jobs and stickers, or the more subtle jobs such as Liskbot, who's art is hidden in street corners and alleys. The first few pictures are of  artworks in my own collection, but from shops in Digbeth (I'm not too happy with the pictures I got of those). I try not to bother too much with filters, as I believe that using filters to edit photograph's is lazy and a bit daft. Please like what you like and share so others can enjoy.


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