Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pleasure House: Sunrise. Single Review

PictureHello Guys! This is my first blog for a couple of days, it's good to get back to just writing again. About local bands, speaking of which here is a new one which I had not Previously heard of, They're called Pleasure House, and 'Sunrise' is the first single from their upcoming D├ębut album which will be out in June. They describe themselves as having "taken the sadness and despondency out of a winter a sky and painted it with euphoria, pop joviality and young bliss". So with that in mind, let's give them a listen.  It's bouncy, Funky, indie pop. It's fast and packed full of positive joy. The guitar riffs provide funky foals-ish tropical joy. Unlike most Birmingham bands there doesn't seem to be a distortion pedal in sight. While WU LYF's mix of darkness and tropical riffs has inspired a lot of  bands this is just pure happiness. The song title says it all really, in fact the lyrics say it better than I ever could. "We get high and talk about life, And how beautiful it is to be alive."  Funky, cool indie pop, Pretty much what it says on the tin. In fact the song made me think more of world music bands such as Buena Vista Social club  or Songhoy Blues than brummie contemporaries such as JAWS. I'm not saying it sounds an awful lot like those bands, but Pleasure House have a similar sense of laid back grooves and evoke the same feelings of sunshine.


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