Friday, December 26, 2014

Curb, Milk Teeth, Live at The Sunflower Lounge, 18/12/14


Last time I saw curb live they headlined the Sunflower lounge, and the tinnitus in my head was so bad that I didn't sleep for the entire night afterwards, and then went into work at 6 am afterwards. Obviously going to the show in the first place was a very bad decision, but the show was awesome and absolutely worth it, despite being a total wreck the morning afterwards. This time I had the day off after. So I could fully appreciate what a great band Curb are. They definitely seem to take influence from britpop, but the cool end of britpop pioneered by Suede rather than the laddish, twattish end of britpop. In fact CURB are pretty damn funky. Things really got crazy about half way through the set, even though they've written plenty of good songs, the first one to hit their soundcloud, 'So High' was the one that got the punters moshing about. I was head-banging instead (I swear I'm one of only 5 people in the world who still does that). All this goes to show what a great song So High Is. By the end the (very, very attractive) girls who started the moshpit were dancing on the 'stage' by the band and the lads who'd come along with them were crowd-surfing.

B-Town Rating: 8.8/10

Milk Teeth

All I can really say about Milk teeth with any real confidence is that they are loud. Really Fucking Loud, a proper punk rock band with a bit of a Simpson's obsession, (they've got some really cool Ralph Wiggum T shirts, Although all their merch is ace). Tonight they played without their usual bassist, as a three piece with two guitarists. Their singer Josh screamed his way through the set, yet these guys are far more raw and grungey than any of those screamo bands. Less people were in the lounge by this point than those who'd come out to see curb. Yet those who remained were genuine fans, a couple of head bangers were right at the front, decked out in denim and patches. While everyone else just moshed. The merch table was knocked over within minutes as people ran into each other. I took a few photos then I joined in the fun. I can't say an awful lot about the bands music as my main memories of the set involve running into people. But Milk Teeth's Music is perfectly suited to that purpose.

B-Town Rating: 6.4/10

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