Sunday, January 4, 2015

Paradise Forum Birmingham. Big changes due to happen

Watch the video below. If you cannot be bothered to watch a 5 minute video let me try to explain it to you. As you may already know as a brummie (or anyone with even the vaguest of ideas about Birmingham), our city was bombed to shit in the second World War, The Nazi's caused a lot of damage. Yet the damage their meagre bombs caused, did not last quite as long as the eyesores that the architects of the 60's and 70's erected in the place of our lost buildings. The old and frankly hideous Bullring has now been replaced by the 'Armadillo' which still looks as good as it did in 2003. The old New Street station is being replaced by an equally hideous new one, and the old gargoyle of a library has been replaced by a beautiful one down by the ICC. There will be traffic problems caused by this new development which will start when the regeneration starts tomorrow, and will not end for a few years. If you want to find out more about this I suggest you stop reading a music blog and find an actual news website
On the plus side the new buildings are a tad more attractive than the ones that were in their place, and the Town Hall and BM&AG will remain intact (thank GOD!). Although Brummies will moan regardless. Its the usual stuff, shop's restaurants, flats. The alternative culture as always will be in Digbeth, where the rents are low (although on another note Primark is planning to buy and redevelop  the area the old HMV used to be, they say that vintage shops might open in that area).  While we mourn Subside and the (old) Snobs, this new rather small area will gain the redevelopment it has always needed. Birmingham is a world class city, it's time it looked like one.

If you do watch the video out it on mute, and open Swim Deep's 'King City' which is much more fitting

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