Monday, December 22, 2014

Swerve does Weezer/ Vault of Eagles: Live at the Sunflower Lounge, 18/12/14


This was the 3rd time that I'd seen Swerve live, and as always they were great to watch. The only problem is that their set list this time was made up of nothing but Weezer Songs. Which was a bit of a problem for me as I can only actually name 3 Weezer songs of the top of my head (Hashpipe, Beverly Hills, Buddy Holly). Seeing as I am unfamiliar with those songs all I can really say is that they were played well, no bum notes or anything and that their singer has a great voice, a properly powerful, manly one at that. Yet Swerve have plenty of amazing songs of their own (which they didn't play), HoneyDripper being the best (which you can check out online). I had a chat with their singer afterwards and as it turns out he was also in a Kiss tribute band with his dad once. I'm not a fan of Kiss though, so if Swerve make this an annual thing, I'm hoping they'll do Nirvana instead next year.

B-Town Rating 7.2/10

Vault of Eagles

VOE are my new favourite Birmingham* band, they're fronted by two sisters who are  barley twice  the size of their own instruments**. Their take on rock n roll though is much more old school than the grunge or britpop inspired music made by the other Birmingham bands at the moment. It's a mix of sounds that attracted a varied bunch of punters into the Sunflower Lounge, a mix of older rock n rollers, and younger fans.  These guys are talented musicians, particularly their front-woman, Mari Randle. Her  voice is a big part of what makes this band great, personally her singing reminded me of Anna Calvi and Siouxie Sioux, and added a darker, gothic touch to the bands otherwise straight forward rock n roll. The New Double A-side single 'Spoonfed Dead' and Livin' with love' is out now, and both those tracks were highlights of the show. 'Insanity' also showed a slower, more melodic side to the bands sound, stretched out to about 6 minutes, it gave them a chance to jam a bit and show of their musical ability. Overall it was a short but really enjoyable set, and their last until 2015. So you'll have too look out for them then. 

B-Town Rating 8.4/10

*The Facebook says Kidderminster, yet I'm sure they said Birmingham while on stage

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