Monday, December 22, 2014

Introducing the B-Town Rating.

Writing this blog can be hard at times, Unlike most gig reviewer/photographers this is still just a hobby so I like to join in on the action as much as anyone else, and racking my brains for details on what happened 4 nights ago can be difficult. So I am introducing the B-Town Rating for each bands set that I see. 
It works like this:
  • Songs: The most important one, do I enjoy the songs, do they have catchy hooks or choruses, will they affect my emotions? make me think? or are they just 5 minute blasts of feedback?
  • Style: How do they look? not in the sense of being attractive, but would I want to dress like them, do they look as cool as they sound?
  • Sound: obviously this is down to the sound guy, and I like almost any genre of music but do I like how they sound? is it a unique sound or is it just that one guitar tone that makes me wanna listen to then and get moshing with everyone else?
  • Attitude: Some bands when faced with only a handful of punters, or technical difficulties might sulk  a bit or shout at the sound guy, some take it in their stride and put on amazing shows regardless. Or just as important, do I wanna be in your gang, or do you have an all round coolness that makes me wanna like you?
  • Musical Ability: I'm not the most talented musician in the world but I know when someone else's talent impresses me. 
I might change the criteria around, but I think this what I normally judge an act by.
So I then make a score out of 5 for each one, add it up, multiply it by 2 then divide it by 5. This leaves me with a result out  of 10, which becomes The B-Town Blog Score. Simple. 

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