Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Rumblestrutters. (Live at New Street Station)
The one thing about Birmingham that I love  is that you never really know what you might find around the corner. After a long day at work in New Street train station I walked around the corner and found three guys playing rootsy folk music. It turns out that they were called The Rumblestrutters and were playing as part  of the (30th) Birmingham international Jazz and Blues Festival. They're from south Wales, they've been performing together for little over a year.  these three played a bit of both Jazz and blues, choosing mostly songs from the early 20th century era of blues. including covers of Robert Johnson, Leadbelly and various more obscure jazz and, Jug and blues bands from the time. Their instruments included a jug to blow in, Guitar, Ukelele, Kazoo, washboard  and harmonica, which made for some brilliant railroad inspired rhythms. which they felt was fitting considering the location.
The show lasted nearly two hours and me and many other people in the station sat down to watch it all. Despite that rather downbeat nature  of the songs they were playing, The Rumblestrutters made a fun and and engaging performance, whether that be from discussing  the history of the genres they played or the stories behind the songs themselves. Other highlights included a kazoo solo.
It was a gorgeous sunny day and the mood was nice and laid back. it was worth missing a bus or two for this.  If I can get myself out of bed early enough I might check out The Rascals of rhythm tomorrow at 12:30 in the Mailbox 

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