Monday, July 21, 2014

The Kalidoscopes, Angry Lennox, The Scribers (Live at Talk)

Hello again! First of all an apology. I'd like to apologise to my readers  and the bands in these two blogs, seeing as it has been a good week or so since I've posted about an actual band, mainly because of work, my holiday and other stuff I wanted to write about.

So let me rack my brains and go waaayy back too... Saturday the 28th of June. Where I caught a Killr Punx gig at Talk night club in Birmingham.

Due to Garden -a new band made up of ex-members of local groups such as Wide Eyed, and Heavy Waves- pulling out. The first band I got to see was The Kaleidoscopes, now slimmed down to a three piece including two guitarists. Last time I saw them they were a bit weedy, but they've changed a lot. their psychedelic sounds are now a fuck load louder, as the two guitarists take turns to make deafening noises.  I can't say much considering I was only there for 5 minutes but it sounds like these guys are improving.

Angry Lennox were on next and sadly they are not as good as their brilliant name. From what I remember, they were a three piece, a little bit older than most of the kids in these B-Town bands. they hail from Wolverhampton and cite Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr as influences. I remember them being a pretty straightforward, and very loud rock band, but maybe a little lacking in X Factor, I liked them but didn't love them.

The Scribers seem to have been going for a while now, back when I first started researching the scene theirs was one of the names that first started to come up. there seems to be a little bit of a misconception about this band though, they are definitely not indie band, they are punk rock pure and simple. or maybe not, due to the bass and echo coming from the guitarists pedals, I was getting a real dub/reggae vibe, which reminded me of Public Image Limited. as the pictures show (this was the only band I bothered to take any of) it was all pretty intense, with the singer screaming his lungs out. I'm not quite sure what happened towards the end but the band seem to have had some kind of technical difficulties, the guy playing guitar seemed a bit angry about something, though it all sounded ok to me. 
Despite the sets anticlimax I really enjoyed this band. 

Next up: Part two, including Enquiry, Platypus Baby and Swerve.

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