Saturday, December 14, 2013

SuperFood, 13/12/13 02 Academy Birmingham.

yep I was there, last nights Peace, Drenge and Superfood show. and It was AWESOME.
The night started with Superfood who made a pretty decent opening act. Theres a lot of promise in their poppy, yet grungey sou

nd, and songs such as Bubbles, Melting, and Superfood went down brilliantly with the crowd despite all being only a few months old. These songs are full of hooks and melodies and the band played them all without a problem, they get extra points for having a girl bassist too.   The crowd was already starting to mosh about, so they clearly did a pretty good job as support band.

and yeah all i can really say is I watched the show from a distance with a beer, and that yeahh, superfood are pretty good.  but I want to see them in a smaller room as a headline act with a proper long set, as then i think i'd really get the full superfood experience. I was with my mate jason (Pink Violence) and he says theyre getting better and better, so i look forward to seeing them again.

On another note i met a member of the Grapham Water Sailing Club, and he was a pretty cool guy. There will be more on that band in later blogs. Also other news is that Heavy Waves and Leopard have both split up but solo projects are on the way.

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