Monday, December 16, 2013

Peace,13/12/13 02 Academy Birmingham

Last Friday I went to see Peace for the 3rd time this year. yet even being the huge Peace fan i am i had to admit that Drenge were one hell of a tough act to follow. I was pretty much knackered after that set, so it was nice to have something slightly less aggressive to listen too. Peace Came on and went straight into 'Waste of Paint' which is one of the highlights off 'In Love'. They've clearly brought back new threads - they've ditched the vintage clothes for classy simple clothes such as black turtlenecks and blazers and overall have slightly more american look- and a new sense of confidence from their Trip to America.
or maybe its just grown naturally, they definitely seemed far more confident on stage this time than when  last I saw them as a support at the academy in February.  Harry's stage banter is no longer mumbled, and "two years ago we played our first gig in Doug's kitchen" was a clearly heard acknowledgment of how far this band have come.
You know how when you go to see a band and they play a 'new song' and its really just an offcut that won't actually make its way onto the album and just isn't as good as everything else on the setlist, well 'Money' isn't one of those songs, its beautiful, and by far the funkiest song they've done yet, despite what one recent live review said, this song bodes well for the next record and i'm hoping they will keep getting funkier.
1998 was also as incredible as ever, this 10 minute jam is still as amazing as it was when it was first released, and this time the surprise halfway through was massive confetti cannons right in the bit at the middle.
watch here \/\/\/\/

(that confetti tasted very salty, and got a bit stuck on my mouth)

you can also hear the beginnings of an awesome guitar solo in that vid.

after that i think there was an encore, Scumbag got played, and Peace followed a trend started by Swim Deep, and covered Wham's 'Last Christmas'.

and  errm then california daze (awkward couples making out next to me) and Bloodshake.

Overall it was pretty awesome, although the euphoric peace and love vibe was soiled slightly by the fight that nearly broke out between two of the sound guys, and the boring wait for propaganda (I went home instead)

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