Friday, December 13, 2013

RIP, The Child of Lov

At first i didn't believe it. reported that the Singer/Songwriter Professionally known as the Child Of Lov passed away on December 10th following complications after surgery. However i've now read the same from more reliable sources.
He released his amazing self titled album earlier this year to critical acclaim, yet never performed any of the songs live, Little was ever really known about him and he always seemed, sincere, friendly yet quite strange in the interviews i read of his. his music, particularly songs such as 'Give me' and 'Heal' are addictive mixes of Funk, Soul and Hip Hop and his only album is full of variety and proof that this was a hugely talented man.

While 2013 has been amazing year for music, we have lost great artists such as Lou Reed and Ray Manzarek yet the passing of 'Cole Williams' is sadder for me, not just because of how much younger he was but also what he had left to achieve.
I have no doubt that his cult status will grow of time and he may be seen as a cult figure in a Syd Barrett, Dennis Wilson sort of way. So I highly recommend that you check out his self titled record.

Update: I've had a look at the lyrics in my copy of his CD and they now seem to be oddly foreboding.
For example "Up on the mountain hebron, I'm gonna take a bow, up on the mountain Hebron i'm gonna take the clouds. or on 'Give It to the People' 'look into the morning light,walk into the light so bright'.

In fact every lyric now seems to be a sign that he was aware that this would happen.

'One Day, baby, i gotta die, gotta lay down."

 It's a shame he had to so early.

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