Sunday, December 15, 2013

Drenge,13/12/13 02 Academy Birmingham

I LOVE DRENGE, I pretty much fell in love with them not long after buying my ticket for this gig. Their album is the perfect thing to listen to after a long evening shift at work, and really seems to reflect how i feel at the moment.
I only got one good photo because I was too busy being squeezed about, moshing jumping, and loving the whole show. There was a great vibe, everyone seemed very respectful, helping those who'd fallen over and letting people in or out of the centre of the crowd. I even bought a DRENGE T shirt before the gig which i used as both a banner and sweat rag. I did all this while wearing a zipped up leather jacket (it was the best way to keep valuables safe). Which i'm pretty proud of considering how hot it got.
The only thing that really came close to a slower ballard was the song 'Fuckabout' which I knew all the words too, and this was followed by the awesome doomy jam 'Lets Pretend', which worked way better in a live setting that i'd have thought. By the end Eoin Loveless was swinging his guitar around and all the hits 'Face Like a Skull', 'Bloodsports' 'Backwaters', Gun Crazy all just sort of blended into each other. For some reason I was the only one there putting up the horns, despite the fact that there is a pretty strong heavy metal streak in this bands sound, although while most metal gigs goers seem to plan their moshpits, this was more spontaneous, gaps would open, people would jump around then those gaps would close  I pretty much used up all my energy for Peace by the end of this set but it was worth it. Their music is amazing live, you can compare it to QOTSA, Nirvana, Black sabbath, White Stripes... Etc but they just sound like Drenge. I saw a lot of love for The Loveless Brothers that night, and they rewarded  it while making the whole thing seem easy.

This'll give you some idea of what it was like

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