Friday, October 18, 2013

I met Jason Bradbury! (the Guy from the Gadget Show)

I missed him the first few times he'd visited my little coffee shop in New Street Station, but this time i was right by him when he came in.  He asked me a question about one of our paninis and I looked at him for as second and said.

'Its' aright I just recognised you'. I answered the question and noticed that he was with one or two mates and that he was completely hyperactive, even more manic than on the telly. He even asked me if i thought he'd had too much coffee, to which I just blankly looked at him sand said 'I don't know how much have you had?

Another awkward moment was when i asked if him and his mate were paying together, to which he replied 'What? are you saying i'm gay?' I'd walked right into that one.

He ordered a Flat White, though he'd clearly had enough coffee. and rather than asking for his name to write on the cup like I do with other customers, I simply wrote 'That Bloke from the Gadget Show', on the side.

It was only a very short meeting but i feel we got on very well, with my dry wit contrasting his coffee assisted hyperactivity. Once again I've got no photos as I was at work but this was definitely the highlight of my day.

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