Saturday, October 26, 2013

Broken Witt Rebels

Sometime I find new music. Sometimes new music finds me. I'm friends with one or two of these guys on Facebook, despite the fact that I've not met any of them. and I've been telling them i'll write about them for a while. So i might as well give them a listen.
So how to they sound?
Well kind of like Oasis, i guess but less nasal, and more bluesey, in fact there's a definite blues and classic -rock edge to these guys, especially in the nifty little guitar solos that run throughout the songs.
or as they Put it themselves

"The arrangement of James Tranter’s dominant, layered guitar work, Danny Core’s strong and unique vocals, Luke Davis’s muddy harmonic bass playing and Anthony Byrne’s thunderous drumming are the framework of a band that’s enchanting and irresistible"

  It's obvious that these guys have genuine musical talent, more so than a lot of indie bands. The guitar playing is particularly great on the song below. Effortless, yet complex like all good blues playing.
It all seems to be working for them as they've landed a deal with sound hub records, and are headlining venues throughout Birmingham
UP The Rebels!

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