Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Duke: Where are we now EP review.

Dukes first official (as in properly released) EP comes out soon and I've given it a listen.

Let it in starts off the 4 track EP. with guitar riffs that instantly burst out the speakers. It sounds like a statement of intent, immediately showing far more energy than the opener of the last EP. Duke still sound pretty much the same (like Oasis meets Ocean Colour Scene) but the sound is much more beefed up. This is duke 2.0 complete with guitar solos and more riffs and a big chorus.

Whats it got to do with you is a bit more laid back but its a catchy number which has been lodged in my head since I saw them play it live.
Its got a good little riff to it and a nice bluesy sound. I think i remember jack saying something about it live about how its about being a teenager and your parents interfering with your drinking. whatever its about, there's a definite angst to this track.
Going nowhere starts with a more acoustic sound to it but it quickly morphs into a proper rock song.  It ends with a great little guitar solo and what sounds almost like Duke's take on a 'Wall of Sound'.
Finally the EP ends with Take Me Away which is a proper straight forward rock song, the sort that you could imagine hearing on the radio if they were that bit bigger. It ends the EP off very nicely. overall this release shows how far Duke have come in such a short time and shows how much promise they've got for the future.

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