Sunday, October 13, 2013

I met Doug From Peace!

I work in a train station in Birmingham.
Some of my co workers have met Jimmy Carr on his way to a train and that guy from the Gadget show passes through yet i miss him every time. This story probably won't mean much to my co-workers but that doesn't matter.

I Finished my shift at 11:00 last night and I was walking home when i saw a familiar looking face, a tall guy in a black coat, with his (presumably) girlfriend, walking past the other way.  It only took me a moment to place him  and what next went something like this.

Me: Hey your that guy from Peace!

Dom: Yeahh

Me: Your Band is AWESOME!

We then did a sort of handshake walked away but then Doug said hey lets do that again!, cue another handshake thing and we then both walked off.  I shouted 'See you in December!' because of course I've got a ticket to see them on the 13th. I just hope he knew that's what i meant.

Sadly (like the time i met Swim Deep's Aussie) i had no camera, but we both had places to be anyway, judging by the speed he was walking he probably had a train to catch. So you'll just have to believe me when i say this happened.

Still, this was kind of the highlight of my week.

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