Thursday, August 29, 2013

Minimum - Smash Routine Ep

Hello! I'm kind of embarrassed that over the past week I have written more about polka bands and mysterious graffiti campaigns than the actual music scene. I've also been writing about mainly indie bands when there is a wealth of other genres still out there.
I saw these guys at sound lounge 21 a while back and they put in a solid performance, after the show their singer gave me a free copy of the Smash routine EP. You can get yours for £3 here

EP cover art
The title track Smash Routine is the song that's got the most attention for the band and its a pretty good introduction to their sound. It begins with a spacey techno style electronic intro that morphs into the electronic backing that goes with the rest of the song. Its got big riffs, powerful drumming and reminds me of Enter Shikari* (before all the politics), but with a White Lies sense of style and ambition. I'm also pleased that Minimum play Post-Hardcore without any of that faux american accent or screamy-screamy nonsense.

'Yeah My Girlfriend' follows on and happens to be a much bouncier, poppier track. They've managed to sound effeminate and aggressive at the same time, it features a more stripped back keyboard sound and the overall vibe is a bit more fun and less serious than the other tracks. It once again reminds me of Enter Shikari, but more of their poppier songs such as 'Jonny Sniper'

'Organics' is a slower more Ballard-ish track, which is backed by subtle electronic sounds but it builds to a chaotic climax where the band really kick out the jams

Overall these 3 songs are growing on me and are a great showcase of the bands talents from slow building ballads, power-pop to straight forward atmospheric hardcore. I like how the songs are a bit unpredictable and can change direction from structured rock songs to chaotic jams in seconds. There are many bands a lot worse than this in the limelight

There is also another version of this EP that includes the song K-T Extinction, though I'm not sure where you can find it. Its an acoustic song in the vein of 'Organics' that includes some metronomy style synth backing, that as with the rest of these songs doesn't stay that way for very long.

*Remember that? it was 2007 and this band obsessed with glow sticks, laser pointers and tiny shorts had welded punk and dance music together. I love 'A Flash Flood of Colour' but back in the early hype days for a while, it seemed like we were hearing the music of the future.

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