Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Duke, Plastic Factory. 31st august, @ Actress and Bishop. Review

So the other day i decided that it would be nice to go see my mates Duke at their 3rd headline gig at the Actress and Bishop. Got there too late to see the first act on, a singer songwriter called James Brough. all I know about the guy is he plays his songs with piano loops, but i didn't catch enough to  do a write up.
I did however get to see the next band on, 'Silverwood' but we went out to get fags* and I don't smoke.  I left with the other guys simply because Silverwood were a bit dull. It was perfectly well made blues based rock played by 4 older men and the songs were alright,  but there was no X Factor, OK but little else.

my camera's got a fish eye setting

'Plastic Factory' are lovely guys and their set made up for the lack of energy in the last band. Truth is i  wasn't concentrating on the music much as I was my camera. This band have a singer who looks the part as well as a great drummer with a hilarious tongue sticking out expression on his face which i just had to catch on camera. In the end i took something like 50 blurry photos of this guy. They played a very short set but the songs and vintage threads bought 90's vibes that livened up the place hugely after the last act.

'Duke' are on a roll at the moment, with this being their 3rd headline gig at the Actress and Bishop. So  naturally the lads were in a good mood. the new songs from the up coming second EP are all sounding great. some of the songs such as 'Never Knock Us Down' have a slightly edgier, darker tone. i'm not saying they've gone goth or anything just that they were less chirpy, with maybe the odd extra minor chord thrown in. Duke may be Birmingham's most underrated songwriters of the moment as I've got Forever Young (We Will Be) still playing in my head after two live hearings.
One song was dedicated to 'That Bitch of an Ex' while Jack announced that 'Whats It got to do with you?' is about when your a teenager and your parents interfere with your drinking. all the songs were played  perfectly well and with  a few found conviction. The Actress and Bishop is clearly a venue that Duke feel at home in and by the end everyone was dancing. There was also a McCartney and  Lennon style Switcheroo between Jack and Lewis. It was a pretty good night.

Duke's first official release, the 'Where are We now?' EP is out soon.

The Set-list

If I Could Fly Never Knock Us Down Forever Young (We Will Be) Won't Let You Down What's It Got To Do With You Today (Day I Die) Take Me Away Going Nowhere --------------------- Best Is Yet To Come

James Brough
Plastic Factory

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