Monday, June 17, 2013

Mutes. EP review

Today I'm starting my blog with an apology, you see what with working a full time job and all I don't get to write this as much as I used to. A few people have sent me the odd message wanting me to review their bands and I've not responded as i had some other stuff I wanted to get off my chest first.

So I'll start by listening to Mutes, a Birmingham based singer songwriter who sent me a link to his EP and describes himself as such "I'm Mutes and I've just released a self-produced EP. I'm from Birmingham, but I am sure as fuck not B-Town. Sonically, the release has been compared to Flying Saucer Attack, Panda Bear, Vondelpark, Lotus Plaza and others." he also tags it as "alternative, abletoncore, b-town (not) bedroom-gaze, loneliness, post-everything, and  Birmingham" on the bandcamp page I'll be streaming it from.

lets give it a listen shall we?

Intro track Hope Etc gets the vibe going with a repeated echoes vocal refrain, that carries on nicely from the Jagwar Ma album I was just listening too (which is awesome)
M.P.D.G has a similar sound to it, where gently strummed guitars build a hazy atmosphere. there's a lot going on here, its very mellow yet most of the song is buried under a hazy fog that's most likely deliberate as much as it is down to bedroom equipment.
Port Sunlight is a bit less foggy, the guitars are acoustic this time and it's all very mellow. vocals are low in the mix and a subtle organ sound rings out in the background.
Inhabitants  reminds my dad of Brian Eno and is very much more of a musical landscape than a song, as is much of the EP
Smother finishes the EP and begins with a Horrors style keyboard line which the rest of the song builds itself around. Its lovely echoey stuff and the most accessible song on the record. If anything this Ep reminds me of the 1975's recent EP's, where catchy songs are surrounded by ambient musical landscapes.

I also recommend the Various distractions EP which contains the brilliant 'Awake'

The music this guy makes is difficult to review, it can be very ambient at times and at others very hazy and challenging. But there is definitely talent here, its amazing to think that this guy only started recording songs late last year and only a few years ago you would have needed a professional studio to create a sound like this yet somehow James Brown does all this in his bedroom.

You can download this Ep and the various distractions EP via the link below (for free or donation download)

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