Monday, June 3, 2013

Wide Eyed, Institute Birmingham. 31/5/13

Next up was Wide Eyed. I was looking forward to this too as Wide Eyed have been one of the most hyped bands around Birmingham for some time now.

I've not got an awful lot to say about Wide Eyed's set, or many particularly good photos, but all you need to know is that they played in dark, wore plaid shirts like LACED but kept audience interaction to a minimum.
Far from simply gazing at their shoes however Wide Eyed put a huge amount of energy in their short gig and played so loudly that towards the end I could feel my brain struggling to make sense of the noise it was being bombarded with. It's not the first time I've had that experience but the last time that happened the band was LULS, (Who Wide Eyed are much, much better than)

While Wide Eyed had the look (long hair, plaid shirts), the sound and the energy, and got the crowd going mental. The only think that I felt was missing was genuine songs. It got to a point where I felt very little was separating each song from the last, and maybe more melodies and more structured writing could make the songs feel more like songs. If Wide Eyed want to be more than just a comparison to bands like The Horrors and a great band in their own right then I feel that is the next step.

Anyway that's just what I was thinking at the time, only my opinion.

you can make up yours by listening to a few songs here.

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