Friday, March 17, 2017

Junior, Live at The Sunflower Lounge 16/3/17. Review.

In a recent interview with Loud and Quiet magazine Savages' Jenny Beth made the point that 'Somehow it's okay to go to a show, see a band, drink a beer and walk home and that's it - I don't understand that.' While Jenny might be talking more about the idea of challenging an audience,  which she has done with her band, it's also a band's duty to entertain. Especially on a Thursday night in Birmingham. So thank fuck for bands like Junior (8/10).  While most bands would be rightfully pissed off at travelling all the way across the valleys just to play a show with a broken amp. Junior took to the challenge beautifully with their singer-bassist and drummer playing requests at random from whatever people shouted at them using one bass note. The best of which was the sing-along to Smash Mouth's hit 'All star' (requested by me).
Another highlight was the limbo championships. While the band played, audience members were invited to try their skills under the rope. Crime and Punishment 2011's Jake was the winner while Smart Casual's drummer Talbot fell straight on his arse. 'Limbo championship winner' t shirts can be bought from their merch table alongside more funky tie-dye shirts. Audience interaction seems to be a common theme at Junior shows, with band members playing in the middle of the crowd and kids crowd-surfing through the tiny venue.
All joke's aside though, when their kit works Junior are a fantastic live band, their take on pop-punk is infectiously joyful and packed full of heavy riffs and guitar solo's as well as the occasional bit of PSB style sampling. Junior are a tight live band and have clearly honed their musical skills on the road. While the rest of the world has moved on to depressed lean sipping rappers, Junior and fellow South Wales based punks 'Who Saves The Hero?', are keeping the spirit of 2003 and a completely non-ironic love of pop-punk alive.



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