Friday, March 17, 2017

Crime and punishment 2011, Bathtub, Straight for the Sun. Live review 16/3/17

While I may have missed Proud Ember's set I did manage to get to The Sunflower lounge to see Straight for the sun (6/10). Who faced with every bands worst nightmare, a show with their keyboard player and drummer missing, played a set of their songs stripped back to just two electric guitars and vocals. Yet they took to the challenge brilliantly, filling the set with lots of light hearted banter and editing their songs to suit their jangly take on indie and emo. The ballad 'Broken heart surgery' was a highlight as it proved that even without the extra instrumentation the band's vocals and guitar melodies are impressive enough.
After having seen Bathtub (6) about 3 times before it's a bit strange that it's only this time around that I've started to like them. Probably because this set At the Sunflower Lounge was one of their best. A powerful mix of pop punk and grunge, delivered with passion and a great little anti-Trump rant, "fuck sexism, fuck racism, fuck homophobia, fuck transphobia.."
While I have seen Brummie 'Grime-core' lads Crime and Punishment 2011 (7.6) many times tonight's set was something special as it marked Jake aka Glitch's last ever show with the band, as he departs to pursue a solo career as J-Dead. The first half of the set saw the band running through all their usual set-list, and playing favourites such as 'Bodybags' which had it's very last play, the furious call to arms' 'Rucksack' and the trap flavoured 'paralysed'. CPK have become so confident on stage that rather than just Joey Sniper screaming while Glitch and Dan Carter share bars, that they're all pretty much shouting on top of each other, creating a cacophony of noise over Jason's wall of beats and guitar samples. Joey Sniper got on stage and screamed from on top of the bar and staircase. While Dan jumped about spitting bars. After performing the moody 'There's a reason storms are named after people', Glitch left the stage and CPK's new drummer Sam, (who also played drums for Bathtub earlier on) joined them for two brand new songs. Both dark, grime flavoured bangers. Jake joined the band for the only time they'll have 5 members to perform a completely revised version of the bands' last single 'Nefarious'. The new mix of laptop beats and live drums work surprisingly well. CPK have found a way to step up their game without replacing Jake and while the old songs sound good, the new material sounds fantastic. With respect to Jake the new material is some of the most exciting yet, and Jake's last show with CPK was their best yet.


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