Friday, March 31, 2017

EAT ME, Waco, Limiter, Pinky, Crime and Punishment 2011, Live at subside 29/3/17. Review

While the crowds were lining up at the academy and the institute I was on my way to a free show at Subside to see brummie 'grime-core' bruisers Crime and Punishment 2011 (7.2/10) (Who I interviewed after the show). Their last show (supporting the brilliant welsh pop punk group Junior) was significant as it was both the last show they played with the MC Glitch (who is now embarking on a solo career as J-Dead) and also the first set with their new drummer, Sam. This show at Subside was CPK's first full set with Sam as a small but appreciative crowd came over to see them play. While there were some issues with sound quality and Dan Carter now has to rap a mix of both his own bars and Jake's on the older songs, this seemed to almost work to their advantage, sounding more punk than ever before. Sam's drumming helped flesh out some of the older songs, while the newer tunes are dark grime flavoured bangers that bode well for the bands forthcoming d├ębut album.

Next up was the local duo P I N K Y (6.4) who like contemporaries such as Basement or other local groups like Bathtub seem to exist in a sort of odd middle ground between modern day pop punk and 90's grunge. Their lo-fi sound is stripped back to just vocals, drums and guitar. Although the guitar is soaked in noise from several effects pedals, and frontman Joel Price vocals flit between howling angst and cool nonchalance. Pinky are releasing a new EP soon which will definitely be worth checking out.

Bristol's Limiter (6.8) were the first of the two bands to appear on stage tonight who had travelled throughout the whole 'Bloody Norah Tour-ah' supporting Eat Me. When people talk about 'real emo'  I assume that they're talking about bands such as Limiter, who take cues from bands such as Brand new and mix heavy riffs, clean vocals and sweet guitar melodies together. Their set went down pretty well with the crowd loving their songs between the odd Gordon Ramsay baiting on-stage banter.

EAT ME's label buddies and tour mates Waco (8) were absolutely fantastic. Mixing unashamedly old school rock with a more modern punk rock style vibe. Their whole attitude is based on peace and love as well as loving in the moment. Rocking out in paisley patterns and Hawaiian shirts and throwing out all sort of rock star poses. Their singer looks as if he's walked straight out of 1973 and dropped plenty of casual hippie- style advice throughout the set. Telling people to live in the moment and inviting audience members to talk about conspiracy theories afterwards as well as and how the Birmingham crowd had 'kind faces and smiling eyes'. Waco have got loads of energy and plenty of musical chops, they are far too good to be written off as just another retro rock band. Put simply, Waco are a band who know how to party.

While most bands start to sound more polished over time 'the violent Hanson', EAT ME (8) defy convention by still being as raw and scrappy as they can on their third EP 'Melon Enema'. Eat me mix pop punk with math rock. So alongside the self depreciating lyrics and sing-along choruses are all sort of odd time signatures and guitar solos. They play pop punk with an almost jazz style abandoning of the rules. None of their songs seem to conform to any real structure. While their music might sound a bit of a mess at first listen in truth it takes a lot of skill for a band to sound as off the wall and impulsive as Eat Me do. Their set was loads of fun and afterwards I bought the vinyl copy of their new EP and they gave the CD's of the last two for free, thanks guys!


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