Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Fidgets

If you've been  in Solihull town centre at any point recently then you might have caught a glimpse of The Fidgets busking. The Fidgets are two skinny, spotty and rather nerdy looking young lads. They play classic rock n roll songs by the likes of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Chuck Berry. Their sound is minimal, with no drums or bass,  yet the stripped back sound gives these old songs a new lease of life. The Fidgets play with a passion that makes 50+ year old Chuck Berry tunes a joy to hear. The Fidgets are a step above most town centre buskers however, and have released their own EP's and music videos as well. Their new single 'Somehow' is classic rock 'n roll. A song of heartbreak told though gently strummed guitars, piano and the lads singing that 'It'll work somehow'. It's exactly the sort of simple, yet slightly cheesy tune that The Beatles started out writing. Check out their Youtube and you'll also find the videos for 'I'm Alright'. Which finds them walking around Digbeth playing a simple yet catchy Rhythm and Blues style tune. 'She's got me' where they walk around a forest in slightly blurry black and white. It's a more relaxed, and slightly melancholy tune. It's a joy hearing young lads play this style of music without and sense of irony or pastiche. Their love for this style of music is clear and has livened up my trips to Solihull's Mell Square. Yet their own tunes show a growing song-writing talent that has won them fans far and wide. Check out their new single below.

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  1. i heard them busking in Worcester and it took me right back to my teenage years, so i asked them to play at my 70th birthday party and they were fabulous!! lovely young lads.