Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Crime & Punishment 2011 - Clones (Official Music Video) -Featuring The B-Town Blog!

What you see below this text is the first music video from
Crime and punishment 2011. These guys have been confusing/enrapturing audiences for a few months now with their screamy mix of grime beats and bars and heavy guitars. Also on the bill was Smart Casual (who were ace) and Weatherstate. It does feel a bit odd watching a music video where another bands logo is on the wall behind them. Watching myself in a music video is also a bit of an odd and slightly cringe experience. I had a haircut earlier that day which I wasn't really happy with so you can see me wearing a red hat indoors and a 'La Priest' shirt.  I feel a little bit embarrassed at my white boy dance moves/holding of a camera. Yet none of the audience look that great. Obviously the band look really cool, but it's their video. I'm surprised at how well it's turned out.
You can check them out with me at Subside tomorrow, and read my review
of that show at the link below.

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